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When consulting with groups, I am committed to creating a trusted, hospitable container for honest, fruitful dialogue and discernment about best “next steps.” Whether in conflict mediation, strategic planning, or spiritual retreats, my approach to consulting is asset-based, forward thinking, and invitational.

Current and past clients include:

  • The Fund for Theological Education (Atlanta, GA)

  • The Episcopal Church (New York, NY)

  • Virginia United Methodist Conference (Arlington, VA)

  • Western Colorado Presbytery (PCUSA)

  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Richmond, VA)

  • St. James's Episcopal Church (Cambridge, MA)

  • Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia

  • Church of Our Saviour (Somerset, MA)

  • Church of the Holy Spirit (Fall River, MA),

  • First Presbyterian Church (Richmond, VA)

  • Provincial Coordinators of the Episcopal Church 

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