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About Steve

I welcome the opportunity to accompany you as you live more fully into the life you feel called to live. I have served individuals, groups, and organizations in a variety of settings, including one-to-one, local churches, and regional and national non-profits. I have worked as a manager of vibrant collaboratives between churches and non-profits, as a consultant for national church initiatives, as a national retreat leader, and as a personal and organizational coach and spiritual director. I am also a writer and regular contributor for UpperRoom Books, and a Senior Associate Consultant  for MapDash for Faith Communities.
Education and Training
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Over the last ten years, I’ve watched Steve take on increasingly challenging projects. He is a trusted advisor in the best sense, as Spiritual Director, Coach, Consultant, Process Facilitator, and as a remarkable guide in bridging challenging differences and conflicts in groups and organizations. His wisdom and open-heartedness are in great demand these days.

— The Rev. Tom Brackett

Manager for Church Planting & Mission Development

Presiding Bishop’s Staff, Episcopal Church

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